UrgoStart Plus Launch in UAE

Screenshot of webinar roudtableOn June 3rd, 2020, we add the chance to be part of an exceptionnal roundtable with international experts dedicated to UrgoStart Plus launch in UAE. During 2 hours, we discussed about the amazing results of Explorer study and the best standard of care for chronic wounds (Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Pressure Injuries and Leg Ulcers).


  • Michael Edmonds (MD, PhD), Consultant Physician, King’s College Hospital London
  • Ms Gulnaz Tariq, WUWHS President, Wound Director SKMC Hospital
  • Marco Meloni (MD, PhD), Researcher Fellow, University of Tor Vergata Roma
  • Emilio Galea (RN, MSc), International Clinical Director, Urgo Medical


Find out more about UrgoStart Plus on our website.

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