What is a wound?

There are two categories of wounds: Acute wounds They can be described as immediate wound; among which are especially burns, and post-operative wounds related to surgery. Or traumatic wounds secondary to an accident; which can look like cuts and lacerations but also bites/scratches, or can result from extreme weather conditions, as in the case of frostbite. …

UrgoStart Plus Pad

Leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers take an average of 210 days to heal.(1)

UrgoStart Plus Pad is a local treatment that is effective at every wound phase to reduce healing time by an average of 100 days.(4)

Risk factors

Several factors can cause a wound,  compromise its healing, or even cause an acute wound to become a chronic wound, with all the risks of complications that brings, including the risk of recurrence. Below are some of the risk factors usually present: Disease-related risk factors Venous insufficiency: Prevents the blood from reaching the upper body …

UrgoClean Ag




The UrgoClean Ag dressing is a sterile, non-woven pad, composed of hydro-desloughing, polyabsorbent cohesive fibres with a high absorption capacity (polyacrylate).

This dressing uses a hot melt process to bond the polyacrylate fibres arranged in a structured manner, parallel to the wound surface, giving UrgoClean Ag its specific absorption and wound residue draining properties, as well as its tensile strength.

The hydro-desloughing pad is coated with a silver-impregnated micro-adherent healing matrix (TLC: Lipido-Colloid Technology). This TLC-Ag matrix provides an antibacterial action and gels easily, aiding drainage of sloughy residue. In addition, it enables easy application and removal of the dressing.


DFSG Symposium, Sept 25th 2021

Registration link : https://dfsg.org/registration [Early bird 65€ until 01/09/21 – 85€ from 02/09/21] The 17th meeting of the Diabetic Foot Study Group (DFSG) will take place virtually on September 24-25th 2021. ➤ Key note lectures & sessions will be held on Brella platform ➤ Sessions available in replay on-demand for a limited time after the conference …

Back in congresses!

On June 3rd 2021, our Urgo Medical team was in Gulf Diabetic Foot Conference to meet healthcare professional and exchange on woundcare management in the Middle-East. We were extremely happy to meet you again. Find out more about our winning solutions on our website.

UrgoStart Plus Launch in UAE

On June 3rd, 2020, we add the chance to be part of an exceptionnal roundtable with international experts dedicated to UrgoStart Plus launch in UAE. During 2 hours, we discussed about the amazing results of Explorer study and the best standard of care for chronic wounds (Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Pressure Injuries and Leg Ulcers). Experts: …

About Infection

Whether due to contamination or poor hygiene, an infected wound will often have malodour, pus or discoloured drainage, and is typically accompanied by pyrexia. Wounds can become infected with Pathogens (bacteria), which prevents healing. It also increases your risk of other complications. In some cases, the infection may spread to other parts of your body …